my stuff is broken or worn out messy money

It feels like EVERYTHING I own is broken or worn out. On a daily basis, something we own falls apart, quits, leaks, sparks, collapses, cracks, dies or all of the […]

staycations messy money

8 Staycation Ideas For A Healthier Mind And Body. I am a huge fan of staycations. Work takes its toll on you. You’re stressed, tired and in need of a break. […]

hotel keys messy money

It feels like I have spent more time in hotel rooms than my own bed lately.  It has been stressful and I was going to write about money stress but […]

I have too many TVs

Six tvs. In the garage (mancave?) purchased at a thrift store for $35 Master bedroom – wedding gift. Kid’s bedroom – a TV my husband bought with his paper route […]

The Hindsight Budget - Transportation

The hindsight budget continues.  Today I’ll show you our 2012 and 2013 spending on transportation. I was hoping to post this last night, but after spending some time with the […]