Financial Independence

when can i retire messy money

Question 1: When can I retire? Short answer: February 7, 2025* That is 9 years and 11 months from now or 3,623 days. The bad news: It sounds  like an eternity […]

financial independence ruined my life

Financial independence ruined my life, and get this, I am not even financially independent yet. I was moving through life on cruise control, minding my own business lusting after plantation shutters and […]

A Retirement Story Part 1

This is the first post in a series on early retirement. I am on a mission to reach retirement as soon as possible.  I did not think about it much […]

Life in a McMansion

I live in a McMansion.  It is probably more “Mc” than mansion, but it’s close enough.  By my calculation, we have about 43% of our net worth tied up in […]