Financial wake up call

messy money horoscope

Money Stress – If only I had more money. I read my horoscope daily.  I really enjoy the horoscopes written and recorded by Jonathan Cainer.  I ask for a membership […]

Hindsight Budgeting

I use Quicken to keep track of our finances.  Every few weeks I log into our bank accounts online and download all the transactions.   It is always a shock to […]

worst financial advice messy money

This may be the worst financial advice ever, so consider yourself warned. I know a financial misfit that can seem to manage his money, no matter how hard he tries. […]

financial misfits messy money

A rant. Almost everyone is a financial misfit at one time or another, but what makes these ones special are that they have made being a financial dimwit both an art form and lifestyle. Do you know any […]

dysfunctional relationship with money messy

I have always wondered why my siblings and I have such different approaches, attitudes and dysfunctions where money is concerned.  We were all born to the same parents and lived […]