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robbed by my nose messy mone

In primary school, I was the weird kid, hunched over my desk, sniffing my scented markers. Grape was my favorite. Over the years not much has changed, and now I […]

Meal Prepping To Reduce Your Weekly Food Budget Messy Money

Our second largest budget category is food! Let me share our totals from last year for your viewing pleasure (or horror)? On a weekly basis, it works out to $151 […]

Pursuit of Frugal January 2015 Messy Money

I’ll open this post with an embarrassing confession.  I just learned how to make coffee in a coffee maker.  All my life I have been drinking tea or instant coffee.  Ack…I […]

You want to buy a snowmobile Messy Money

So you want to buy a snowmobile, you say? About 8 years ago, we moved to a snowbelt region. We moved in the month of January and I remember it snowed […]

net worth bird

I posted my our net worth for the first time a month ago.  I was shocked by the amount of interest that people have in this information.  I think I understand […]