straddle messy money

A disclaimer: what you are about to read is not investment advice. Not even close. After months of watching Netflix (NFLX) with awe and wonder, I finally broke down and […]

big reveal

My stomach flu has turned into a chest cold and I think I am running a fever.  That might explain what you are about to see here. I have blogged […]

High Finance Scandals Messy Money

I have yet another shameful confession to make. I am fascinated by stock market scandals and calamities.  Do not get me wrong – I do feel bad for the people who […]

Messy Money Stock Certificate Fail

When my kids were born, I had the brilliant idea of investing their gift money into individual stocks and having stock certificates issued in their names*. I bought the shares […]

Monkey portfolio

Back in December 2013 I asked could a couple of monkeys.. ahem… my kids pick a winning stock portfolio in this market? I asked my kids (ages 11 and 14) to […]