alcohol is overrated messy money

Off topic. When I was a teenager I could not WAIT for the day I would be able to legally buy and consume alcohol. I imagined a whole new world would […]

my 99 first world problems messy money

I Got 99 First World Problems… #firstworldproblems The other day I caught myself bellyaching about something or other and I realized I was really just whining about a first world problem. […]

dollar store gifts messy money

After my grouchy anti-Consumer, Christmas Rant in Someone Stole our Christmas Tree, I am now going to completely back track, contradict myself and sound like a hypocrite. Oops.  Sorry. Let’s talk […]

Someone stole our Christmas Tree Messy Money

Earlier this month, in the Pursuit of Frugal, I confessed that I am not a huge fan of Christmas.  I know that Christmas is a religious holiday for many and considered […]

Blogging Fails Messy Money

It will be my 1 year blogoversary next week.  I know this because my hosting provider sent me a note with a reminder that I need to take action before […]