staycations messy money

8 Staycation Ideas For A Healthier Mind And Body. I am a huge fan of staycations. Work takes its toll on you. You’re stressed, tired and in need of a break. […]

robbed by my nose messy mone

In primary school, I was the weird kid, hunched over my desk, sniffing my scented markers. Grape was my favorite. Over the years not much has changed, and now I […]

dollar store gifts messy money

After my grouchy anti-Consumer, Christmas Rant in Someone Stole our Christmas Tree, I am now going to completely back track, contradict myself and sound like a hypocrite. Oops.  Sorry. Let’s talk […]

Pursuit of frugal November 2014 Messy Money

I just tallied up our October spending : $6,485* (*this does not include savings or extra mortgage payments) Ugh! It was a spendy month.  Our spending stresses me out.  Maybe […]

You want to buy a snowmobile Messy Money

So you want to buy a snowmobile, you say? About 8 years ago, we moved to a snowbelt region. We moved in the month of January and I remember it snowed […]