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  1. Hey May!

    Hope you’ve been having a great summer.

    About a month ago I wrote a post on starting a blog, which contained a url to the Penny Hoarder blog. In return they gave me some love on Facebook which got me some sexy traffic.

    They’ve asked that me to pass along the names of anyone else who may be interested. Let me know if that’s something you be up to.



    1. Ah cheers Mr. SSC – I am flattered and blushing. Thank you.


  2. Oh dear. Looks like my contact form is broken too! Thanks for letting me know.


  3. Hey May! I just tried commenting in your site and I got this message:

    ERROR: JavaScript and Cookies are required in order to post a comment.

    Please be sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your browser. Then, please hit the back button on your browser, and try posting your comment again. (You may need to reload the page.)

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