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If you google “Cheap vs. Frugal” it returns 1.5 million results. Clearly, lots of people have thought about it.  I draw the line at health and safety.  I believe in working smoke/ CO detectors, car seats, safe tires… you get the idea.  Everything else is fair game, provided it is legal.

Frugal Confessions Messy Money

I admit that others might think I cross the frugal/cheap with some of my tactics.

My Top 10 Frugal Confessions

1. I have not set foot inside a hair salon in 18 years.  My kids have never had their hair cut at a barber or salon.  It’s not what you think.  I have a professional stylist in my family and they do it for free (or in exchange for dinner.)  I honestly would not know what to do at a salon.  One day I will take the plunge.

2. I have never had a professional mani-pedi.  I can do a pretty good job myself.  If my feet need a little attention, I see a Chiropodist because it’s covered by our health plan.

3.  I am obsessed with saving $ in the laundry room.  I will perform crazy calculations to limit dryer use the absolute minimum.

dt = (Ʃ t . Ʃ b)/ (W2 + η-1)

4. I don’t have a smart phone.  I have a stupid phone.  It is so small it is almost impossible to text – but it makes phone calls and the GPS works well.  I can’t bring myself to buy a decent phone.  People make fun of my phone.

5. I make my own glass cleaner: dribble of ammonia + water + blue food coloring and mascara remover: unscented, hypoallergenic baby oil and water.  This winter I am going to experiment with making my own windshield fluid.

6.  My vacuum cleaner is held together by duct tape.  So are a number of other things in my house.  To quote Jeff Foxworthy, “If it ain’t broke, it ain’t ours.”

7.  My car has rust spots that have developed rust.  The brakes work just fine though.

8.  I save the metal in our house and scrap it for money, including that used lasagna pan from dinner tonight.

9.  I pack our chest freezer full of plastic soda/pop bottles, filled with water, so that it is always full, is safe-ish during power outages and uses less electricity.

10.  I have a part-time dog.  She lives with me six months of the year.  A frugal way to save on pet costs.  It’s a long story, maybe I will blog about it one day.  I miss her like crazy when she is not here.

So that’s it.  Shocking?  Boring?  Standard frugal fare?  I don’t know.


In closing, I wanted to share a montage I found on YouTube.  I strongly suspect that the writers from the show  The Middle have based the character of Sue Heck on me.  Hey, maybe I could go after some royalties?  If your life really does flash before your eyes when you die, well this is what I might see.  Enjoy!

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  1. I haven’t paid for a haircut in well over a decade. It’s not hard being a guy…..I shave my head every Sunday night. Once a month or so I have my wife trim up my neck, and I’m good to go!


    1. My husband makes me do it for him – at least is saves us some $. The electric clippers were a good investment. Nice to hear from you.


  2. Yup, been doing my own nails for awhile now (May?) … although the poor feet are taking a small beating lately (pool, boating, walking barefoot on tile, etc) so I might give in next month and get a pedicure only.
    Still working on the hair situation. Hubby used to do my color. Then I started with highlights. Then I went natural. We all decided grey way not my color. Ironically, I’ve got a kid in the house that is a natural at cutting hair but he won’t go anywhere near my head. What’s up with that?
    I have an OLD smartphone.
    I DO have a dyson animal … with 2 cats, up to 8 people coming and going all weekend long and over 3,000 square feet of floor to clean, it was decided that I should have a GOOD vacuum … yes, I do agree it’s a little over rated and I hate the stupid hose attachment contraption.
    I drive an OLD car that is in perfect condition as that’s the way we roll. Getting ready to sell it to put that money towards the mortgage payment. Will reduce the insurance costs and open up parking at the house on the weekend 😉
    No part time animals. 2 full time, pain in my neck, cool cats. 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I tried the eggs in the rice cooker idea that you shared. They are cooling right now.


  3. I am a DYI guy too. Manage and maintain all my rentals. Change my oil. Do my lawn (or skip it and save even more…).

    There are lots of things you can do faster, and cheaper than if you pay someone to do it for you.

    Once I leave my main job, I am going the Duck Dynasty hair/beard/shower route and save even more…lol
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    1. Duck Dynasty – LOL – Livin the dream. Your site looks awesome – I am going to check it out.


  4. Awesome post. Really love what your doing especially # 6 , 5 and #4 which I still have but not using anymore. It makes a good alram clcok though as it makes a very loud ring for an old cellphone. 🙂


    1. Good to know on the alarm clock – nice to know it is good for something else. LOL. Thanks for visiting.


  5. Love this list! I totally agree with you–as long as it’s safe and legal, anything is an arena for saving money! We definitely hew to the extreme side of frugality, which totally works for us. Our car’s rust spots have also spawned new rust spots. As long as it doesn’t physically fall apart, we’re still driving it! At any rate, I am a kindred frugal spirit 🙂
    Mrs. Frugalwoods recently posted…Frugal Hound Sniffs: The Barefoot BudgeterMy Profile


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE frugal hound by the way and hope that she can interview my part-time doggie soon. The interview with the Barefoot Budgeter was a hoot.


  6. I hadn’t been to the salon in years, but I finally caved and started getting my hair trimmed more frequently (so I don’t look scraggly). I wish I could get that sweet trade-off for services though.

    My brother is a mechanic, and he does everything at cost. Labor is free assuming I bake him muffins, or a lasagne, etc. Worth it for me, and he passes along the discounted parts prices.

    I’ve only had a manicure once. And it was nice, but a nice neutral colour works for me. Plus, I wear lab gloves more often than not at work, so it’s even more of a waste of money.
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    1. Congrats on the credit card! Must feel really good. Lucky for you on the mechanic front. My husband is good with cars, so he does a lot of work on them but some jobs have to go into a shop. Mechanics are good people to know.


  7. OK, I’m going to have to watch that video later, too. I’m at my daughter’s house and their internet seems really slow. I’ve just recently discovered “The Middle” and kind of like it. Not sure if I will still be able to get it after our cable stops next week but we’ll see.

    I can so relate with many of your points! (as always! LOL):

    1. I am overdo for a haircut. My sis and I usually go together to a woman who does it from her home. She already went a few weeks ago… I’m trying to see if I can last until she wants to go next.

    2. I forwent the pedicure yesterday. Again, my sister and I usually go together to a fairly cheap place, I’ll probably stop for this year and wait until next spring. Husband’s pedicures will be fine for me for the rest of 2014.

    3. As you know, I just got the manual clothes dryer yesterday. I save money by only washing non-peak hours which is after 7, but by then I am too tired to put on a wash. Consequently I’m wearing some clothes more than my usual 2x. So far so good.
    dt = (Ʃ t . Ʃ b)/ (W2 + η-1)

    4. I only have a work Blackberry so I don’t do personal stuff on it except for calls and texts.

    5. We use vinegar and ammonia (I think) sometimes. My husband mixes it up in a spray bottle.

    6. My vacuum cleaner is also held together partially by duct tape and partially by me. I have to hold the attachment into the handle while I vacuum or it comes apart. Hard on the back. Love the Jeff Foxworthy quote.

    7. We have rust spots on our truck bumpers. My husband bought one replacement bumper on-line but it is chrome (different) so its sitting in our garage until he can get a matching one.

    8. We call a scrap metal guy to come and haul away our stuff but now I’m going to reconsider this. 😉

    9. I get really frustrated when the fridge and freezer are full of food because stuff gets wasted but on the other hand I know it is good for efficiency. I like your approach and may need to do this too!

    10. Oh I would love a part time dog. We have been avoiding getting another since ours died Jan 2013 due to the cost involved but I miss him so much and sometimes think I am ready to get another, no matter what it costs. Probably the biggest thing stopping me more than cost is the fact that my daughter has two dogs and my sis has two and it always makes for chaos if at Dad’s cottage so I don’t want to complicate things further.
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    1. Ok so far – I guess my frugalness is not too shocking. The food that gets buried at the bottom or back of the freezer drives me nuts. When we were really busy a few months ago – I was too busy to grocery shop so we were eating the freezer burnt chicken and god knows what from the bottom of the freezer. It was a good clean out. Family didn’t appreciate it much though.

      On the vacuum front – I have some friends that just had to run out and by Dysons. On some level I get it — but I tried it at the store and was pretty sure it would not be long before it was a duct tape candidate.

      Thanks for stopping by and the heads up on twitter.


  8. I share your opinion on a lot of these points. I cut my own hair to save money and time. I also don’t have a smart phone either 🙂 Next time people make fun of your handset you can tell them your phone’s battery life lasts much longer than their’s 😀
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    1. As a joke I will sometime pull out my old flip phone. It reminds me of a funny video on youtube about kids trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone. Maybe you have seen it


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