Happy Influenza Season! Here is Your Gift with Purchase.

A Rant:

The members of our household have been knocked down by a nasty virus.  I would describe our illness as “flu-like” and I am bummed since we lined up to get our flu shots in November.  I cannot say for sure if it is the flu because we have not been tested, but it sure feels like it.

flu shot gift with purchase
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We try our best to get flu shots every year.  We are in good health but we worry about exposing others in our family that are not so lucky because the flu can be deadly.   According to the World Health Organization, “annual epidemics are thought to result in between three and five million cases of severe illness and between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths every year around the world.”

Influenza activity has been picking up in the northern hemisphere and people are being urged to get their shots as soon as possible.  I have been reading some of the comments on the news stories and message boards and conspiracy theories about the flu vaccine abound.  Some of the theories include the flu shot… gives you the flu, is the governments attempt to control us, and is propaganda drummed up by the pharmaceutical industry blah blah blah.

I have the most perfect idea to improve vaccination rates. Drum roll please……..

The Luxury Flu Shot

Step 1:  Arrange for luxury brand sponsorship of annual flu vaccine.

Step 2:  Sponsors can price the vaccine at any price point they choose. Generally they will want the price to align with their corporate pricing strategy.  They will also provide branded swag for those that purchase their brand of flu shot.  Who wouldn’t want a Louis Vuitton 2014 flu shot fitted tee?

Step 3: Recruit celebrities to host exclusive flu shot parties and film them as part of a reality TV Series.  How does the Kardashian Flu Shot Special sound?  They could even have a red carpet pre-show and an after-party where people are photographed with their swag.

Considering what I see on the Internet these days – that should do it. People seem to place more trust in celebrity endorsement than official government bodies so, vaccination rates will go through the roof.  Get your shot early because supplies will not last long.

Note: The vaccine would still be provided at low-cost or free to vulnerable populations, such as nursing home residents, but they would receive a non-branded version.

Happy Influenza season!  Here is your gift with purchase.

Hoping you are yours stay healthy through this influenza season!

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