The Messy Money Minute #1

When I started blogging, I decided that I was not going to include a regular roundup post.  Please forgive my blogging naïvety. Here I am with my first one because I now understand that I need one.  Welcome to the first edition of the Messy Money Minute: a short summary of what Messy Money has been up to on the web.


Personal Finance Blog Hops

I have been participating in two blog hops regularly.  Blog hops are very popular in the fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogging communities but not as  much in personal finance. I am happy that I have discovered these two in particular:

Financially Savvy Saturdays #finsavsat:

FemmeFrugality has handed the torch to BrokeGirlRich as new host.  I had the pleasure of co-hosting on August 16.  It was  a lot of fun.  If you would like to promote one of your posts, I would recommend stopping by.  Lots of tweets, +1’s and Pins to go around.

Friday Jet Fuel #JetFuel:

Money Propeller hosts a blog linky party every friday.  It is fast and easy to link up your post.  It is also a great way to connect with other bloggers.

Shout outs and Blogrolls

I am honored that other bloggers have mentioned my posts or added me to their blog rolls.  (If I have missed you, please drop me a line and let me know, so I can include you next time).  Thanks to:


Money Propeller

Liberty Loves Company

Debt Discipline

Saving the Crumbs – They nominated me for a Liebster Award!

Canadian Budget Binder – Mr. CBB included me in his Making a Difference feature.

Modest Money – Messy Money is in the Top Finance Blogs List.  Right now I am 310/381 blogs (!)  It is a great way to track my progress and to find new blogs to follow.

Twitter – I have created a massive list of PF bloggers and Money Tweeters if you would like to see them all in one spot.  If you would like to be added tweet me @Messy__Money and I will add you to the list.

On the blog

I have worked hard on the technical side of things refreshing my theme, fixing links, speeding up load times.  I hope my visitors will like the improved look.  I also joined the Yakezie challenge to learn from other bloggers.

My Finances

Our net worth continues to grow.  I asked my husband if he would mind if I posted it online and he is not comfortable with the idea, so no net worth update for me.  Here is a clue number 2 though  Our net worth contains the number 7.  See my Messy Garden post for clue number 1.

Plutus Awards

The Plutus Awards are awarded to personal finance bloggers via peer nomination and panel selection.  The finalists have been announced.  I am so proud of everyone and congratulations to all the nominees and finalists.   Stay tuned because I think a group of us are going to have a virtual party to celebrate.  I cannot wait.  Lets make something trend on Twitter.

What’s in Store for Messy Money

I wrote my first guest post!  I am so excited.  I can’t wait for it to be published.

I was interviewed by a few other bloggers and will share the links once published.

My list of blog post ideas keeps growing and growing!  I need to sit down and write.

Stay tuned…. and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Keep up the good work! Sounds like I need to learn more about these blog hops 🙂


    1. Blog hops are a fun way to promote your posts and connect with others. I would recommend giving it a try. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Hey, May ~ sorry I haven’t been by. Was at Dad’s cottage all weekend with no internet access so now playing catchup although it will likely be physically impossible! 😉 You’re doing so great on your blog! Sounds like your net worth is looking good too. I haven’t posted mine yet but am planning to one of these days. Thanks for linking back my post. 😉
    debt debs recently posted…Reasons I’m Happy I’m Not Going to FinConMy Profile


    1. No worries. Balance is important – if I find it I will let you know. LOL.


  3. You’re on my blog roll, chica! Thanks for the #finsavsat shout out! You were such a great host! I’m sure Mel wouldn’t mind having you back if you ever wanted to! Totally keep me in the loop about that virtual party. Someday I’ll go for real. But in the meantime I’m just a sad PF blogger.

    So excited to read your guest posts!
    femmefrugality recently posted…Disney Childhood MemoriesMy Profile


    1. Oh thanks for adding me to (and reminding me I am on) your blog roll. OOps sorry. Love #finsavsat. I think a virtual party is a great idea – we need a hashtag and plan.


    1. You are welcome. Thank you for stopping by. Glad I finally got a round up post done – I have been saving up my thank yous too long.


  4. I like tracking my top blogs progress, too, but it tends to make me feel competitive. I have to really resist the urge to go check out who is around me. I do better with my Alexa score, but I definitely compare my score against others. (Hanging my head in shame).
    Kirsten recently posted…How I Get it All DoneMy Profile


    1. It is great to have some way to track your progress. Luckily with blogging we have plenty of metrics to follow – maybe too many. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.


  5. Looks like some good progress May! Touching up my blog and doing guest posts are some of the things I need to start looking into.

    Anyways a whole $70 in net worth, huh ;). Well you did say it contained a $7 but is less than 1 million, so maybe $170. Anyways, wherever it ACTUALLY is just keep up the work improving it!


    1. Hi Kipp – I sent you an email. Yes the net worth mystery might turn into a series LOL. Maybe I will give a clue with each Messy Money Minute Post. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Well done on the progress with your blog! Your net worth figure sounds very interesting. I’ll go back to your Messy Garden post to see if I can extract the first clue and keep an eye out for any more that follow!


    1. Thanks Hayley. Maybe one day I will be in a position to post it. For now it will just have to be a string of clues. Appreciate you stopping by.


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