Monkey Portfolio Update August 8 2014

Back in December 2013 I asked could a couple of monkeys.. ahem… my kids pick a winning stock portfolio in this market?

I asked my kids (ages 11 and 14) to pick out 10 stocks and we would track them.  They were free to pick any stocks they wanted and we would see how they would do.

At the end of December, I posted an update on how they were doing.  You can see it here: Monkey Portfolio Update

After the nice pop the markets saw on Friday, I thought it would be a good time to provide an update.

Here is a screenshot from google finance showing the market performance since inception of the portfolios.

Stock market performance

 Monkey Portfolio 1

Portfolio 1 August 8th, 2014
Google Finance


Monkey Portfolio 2


Portfolio 2 Aug 2014 Messy Money

* please note I have tried my best to reflect the Google stock split on Google portfolios

In conclusion my kids are stock picking dynamos!

At the end of the year , I will wind up these imaginary portfolios and we will do it all again – but this time I will join in to provide further proof that my kids are smarter than I am.

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  1. holy moly this is awesome! I’ve got a post about saving for children, but i haven’t gotten around to figuring out how i would teach my son about the stockmarket, and how to pick stocks (he’s almost 1, so I think I’ve got some time, LOL).


    1. Yes, you have some time but less than you think. LOL. They grow up so incredibly fast.


  2. Have you ever tried letting them save and invest their actual money? I was encouraged to in high school, and bought just a few shares of Apple at $65. Needless to say, they’ve now split 7:1 and I have a LOT more money than I started out with. For me, it’s been a huge lesson while I’m young that if you pick well and stick it out, there are monies to be had! And you don’t have to start them with a ton… but just an idea!


    1. It is a great idea. They do have some stock certificates (but companies we picked) – maybe an idea for another post.


    1. Ha ha great idea. Maybe they can start their own mutual fund and they can hire me as their maid to pick up after them… oh wait a minute


  3. It is likely that they have done better even than the 8% – 9% gains if any of those are dividend paying stocks. Is Coke KO one? I should know because I have this in my portfolio, which is why I want to track my stocks to become more familiar with them.

    Now that Google Finance that you used I’ll have to check into. Does it give you Yields and Price/Earnings ratios for stocks?
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    1. Hi – Yes, you are right – they do have some dividends- Google Portfolios (GP) does not add that to the gain so slightly understated. One picked KO coke and the other picked Pepsi -LOL. GP lets you import transactions so you can track, and it has a fundamentals view with the EPS, P/E etc.

      Thanks for coming to visit.


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