I’ll Show You Mine! My Electric Bill that is…..

A new feature here at Messy Money: I’ll show you mine.  This month let’s look at my electric bill.  The good news is that our hydro electricity use is down 19% year over year.  The bad news is that 75% of the homes in our neighbourhood use less than we do.

I know that some of our higher use is due to the stupid hot tub but I thought I had worked really hard to cut back.  I don’t know if these savings are due to my efforts or simply because the summer was cooler than usual and we used less air conditioning.

Don’t get me wrong – I am happy to see the numbers moving in the right direction.  But if 75% of the people in the area are using less, then there must be more I can do.So I will be implementing new electricity saving measures.

1.  TV and related electronics will be turned off at power bar when not in use.

2.  Cell phone/tablet chargers will be unplugged when not in use.

3.  Nagging.  I will nag family members to turn off lights when room is not in use.

4.  I will try to use toaster oven or microwave instead of oven when appropriate.

5.  Hot tub will be turned down when not is use and set to lowest safe level when it is not going to be used for several days.  I already do this on the sly but it drives my hubby crazy.

6.  Replacement bulbs to be compact fluorescent or other power saving variety.

I will let you know in two months if these tactics make a dent in our electric bill.

Here is a graph of how our usage compares year over year.

Hydro usage year over yearWhat are you doing to cut back on electricity use in your home?

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  1. I mentioned the other day to hubby that we should get the standby power bars. I think it will be worth it. I turn out lights more than anyone … drives me nuts when I see them on and no one is there. Anxious to know how your cutbacks saved for you. Will keep reading. I’m enjoying catching up on your blog.
    DEBt DEBs recently posted…Throwing up a Blog Time CapsuleMy Profile


    1. Thanks. I have heard that people have had success with power bars. Husband has been running an electric heater in the garage with the polar vortex and all. My update will be sad …. but will reinforce the nagging…


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