Net Worth Update April 2016

Hello! Here is our net worth update as of April 1st, 2016 (values calculated prior to market open.)

net worth april 2016 messy money

*Does not include pension, our pantry stockpile, education savings etc. 

You can find my net worth and a gaggle of other bloggers over at the Rock Star Finance Ultimate List


I wish I had something profound to share but it is same old, same old, here. Nice month in the markets but life has been a bit rough. Work has been hellish, I am sorry to say. I have not been online much and I have battled a bad cold.  Wah, wah wah!

I believe that the odds of losing my job have increased significantly. Job loss meter is in the red zone. I have been job searching.

We have also been spendy. Gifts, repairs, commuting, big irregular bills.

So What’s Next?

According to my latest calculation we are 9.38 years away from hitting our target of $1.7 million net worth.  Everything is on cruise control, and we will continue to look for ways to optimize, but we can’t just sit and stare at our nest egg for the next 9 years waiting for it to hatch.

What do we do in the meantime?

This is what I am struggling with most. Life does not start once we reach some magical number – it flying by now. How do we make the most of it? How do I deal with my impatience, waning motivation and boredom.

I swear that the PF blogosphere shares a collective consciousness. Many of us are all thinking about the same thing at the exact same time. I was browsing through my blog feed and what pops up but Conquering Impatience on the Road to Financial Independence. Some hard truths about the waiting game. I can relate.

This was followed by the news that the lovely Frugalwoods have reached a major milestone. As I see it, FI for them wasn’t just about amassing a pile of money. They had a bigger dream…

And they achieved it.  Congratulations Frugalwoods! You did it, not that there was ever any doubt.

Maybe all I need is a bigger dream?


  1. A bigger dream. I get that. We used to have a particular dream that we were sure would make us happy. When we achieved it, we found that we didn’t want it after all. Then what? We never did find another to take its place. And so we continue to search. Best wishes on yours May! And feel better! 🙂
    kay ~ the barefoot minimalist recently posted…A Start ~My Profile


    1. Glad you are back. I am trying to make searching for the dream fun… wish me luck.


  2. It goes to show that we all can get impatient even when the journey is positive and for a good reason(FI). You are almost a millionaire and that should be looked upon as a great accomplishment. Life has many ups and downs, but its on us to do the best we can while still enjoying life from time to time.
    EL @ MoneyWatch101 recently posted…Car Dealer ShenanigansMy Profile


    1. Yes, so close and yet so far. You are right I do need to work on “enjoying life from time to time.” a little more and less focus on the goal.


  3. PF bloggers think alike because we surround ourselves with like minded people with similar goals. I want to be worth $1.7 million too some day. 🙂 By the way, according to Google, a millionaire is defined as, “a person whose assets are worth one million dollars or more.” By that definition you are technically a millionaire. 😀 Congrats!
    Liquid recently posted…Mar 2016 Fiscal Update – Marvelous MarchMy Profile


    1. A millionaire who would have thunk it? In my heart I won’t feel like one until my net worth hits that magic number but I will admit that I do like the sounds of the google definition. Thank you! Race you to $1.7? 🙂


  4. Sorry to hear that your job may be in jeopardy. It’s tough to focus on net worth with something like this looming over your head. You’re doing the right thing by seeking alternate employment now. Companies don’t value us employees and they can fire us at anytime. Fire them I say ;-). Best of luck finding a new and better job.
    Investment Hunting recently posted…Stock Watch ListMy Profile


    1. Thanks – sometimes the risk is that the company will eliminate my job and sometimes the risk is that I will eliminate my willingness to work for them 🙂


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