Net Worth Update January 2015

net worth update January 2015 messy moneyWelcome to my our January 2015 net worth update:  Idiot Edition. It turns out that last month I double counted our Serenity fund and overstated our assets.  Sigh.So here we are – a new year and a new and accurate net worth.  I have cleaned up my spreadsheet and don’t expect this to be an issue with future updates.  I am constantly crunching numbers (you can often find me walking around the house with a calculator in my hand) and each time I crunch the numbers for retirement, I keep coming up with T minus 10 years.  Ten years.  That seems like a long time.

Here is the latest and greatest

Net Worth MessyMoney

You can find my net worth and those of over 100 other bloggers at Rockstar Finance on the The Ultimate List of Blogger Net Worth.

2015 Goals

I only have 2!

  1. I would like our net worth to start with an 8 by the end of the year.  We are on track to meet that goal if nothing changes.
  2. Find a way to balance all the demands in my life.  How am I going to do that?  I don’t know yet but I have started my search at the library.  I will let you know what I find.  It is a lofty goal so I imagine there will be smaller more bite-sized goals along the way.

Not Helping

Not helping with my balance goal…

Lilyhammer – I started watching the series Lilyhammer on Netflix.  I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it but now I am hooked.  I am also seriously considering a trip to Norway.

Scrabble – After Christmas I started playing scrabble on Facebook.  I forgot how much of a scrabble nerd I am.  I’m not the greatest player in the world but I do enjoy it.  I now have 30+ games in play and I have made a promise to myself that I will not start any new games.

Family Tree – For a limited time, Find My Past (not an affiliate link)  is offering unlimited access to British records for only 1 GBP.  I have burned through a several hours reading through historical newspapers and they are fascinating.  They may not offer direct information about my ancestors but they paint a really vivid picture of what life and times were like.

Blog Security – In December this blog was attacked so I installed Wordfence and even splurged for the paid version.  It is amazing to watch as people/bots/aliens try to hack this site.  The problem is I spend way too much time watching the action in wordfence vs. doing more productive things.  Just look at this…

wordfence messy money


Anyway, here’s hoping that I stop trying to find the end of the internet and NetFlix and start focusing on more productive pursuits.  I need to get caught up on my blog reading among other things.

~Thanks for visiting.~


  1. I hate those bots and people trying to hack my site as well. Some of them are really persistent. Although everything was solved by changing my weblogin address. If you haven’t please give it a shot. You can change it through ithemes security from wordpress.




    1. I can’t believe the number of attacks. I will look into the address – I can lots of attempts to login. Thanks


  2. Wow! That’s a great looking net worth! It’s good that you’re simplifying your goals for the year. I guess I need to work on doing that every time. The best of luck for 2015!


  3. Yes, you hit it on the mark. Library is indeed the best place to search. You’ll be surprise.

    I like Lilyhammer too. I just watched the first season though, I’m still waiting for my local library to stock on Season 2. Cant wait for Frank to kick some more ass!

    Thanks for the update

    Fight On!
    Happy FI recently posted…It’s Not Too Late to Start your 2015 Financial GoalsMy Profile


  4. Thanks May for sharing. I have just installed Wordfence in my blog to increase its security. I had an encounter with hackers recently and I didn’t like it.


  5. I went to Norway for a semester in University – it’s an awesome city.
    I’ll be interested to see how your first goal of reaching $800k NW goes. There’s a lot of worry about the financial markets – which means for me a lot of my net worth increase will likely have to come from savings rather than market gains.
    All the best in 2015!
    Jonny recently posted…2014 Net Worth Update and 2015 PreviewMy Profile


  6. If you reach that goal of finding balance, you’ll have to tell us all about it. I’ve been having trouble with my site too (no comments, no contact, no uploading of images). I have no idea if it was “attacked”, but I’m going to guess it wasn’t. Someone is on it, and hopefully, it will be resolved soon. All the best in reaching $800,000. (Am I missing a zero?)


  7. May,

    Good luck pushing your net worth above $800k. You’re doing amazing, so I’m sure it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

    Also, damned French always trying to hack their way into things… 🙂 Glad you found an easy solution.

    Best wishes,
    No More Waffles recently posted…Savings Rate for December 2014My Profile


    1. LOL. I just checked now and the attacks continue. Thanks – 2015 should be an interesting year. Kudos on your savings rate – one of the highest I have seen.


  8. Congratulations and good luck on hitting the 8*. I’ve been having a tough time balancing life too, lately, so hear hear! to a productive and fulfilling 2015.


    1. Thanks fingers crossed and plan locked and loaded. 🙂


    1. Thanks Ray. I started to make a big list but at the end of the day – balance was the thing that will (by default) help the other goals happen. Now to make it happen……..


  9. Congratulations on your progress. Some time ago, I started researching my family name and tracked it back to the 1500″s. Interestingly, I learned that my family name means newspaper/journal in Dutch. I guess it was fate that I started a blog!
    krantcents recently posted…The Best of Krantcents for 2014My Profile


    1. Family history is so fascinating. I am often amazed at those types of connections to the past and the miracle that we are here at all sometimes.


    1. Thanks Brian. I thought that cutting cable would have reduced my TV time but it actually worse because now (netflix) I get involved in a series and I want to consume the whole thing right away. Going to try and resist starting new ones. Happy new year.


    1. Thanks Anne. I think it means we need to simplify our finances a bit. Too many accounts – might need to consolidate some if we can.


  10. I had to go cold turkey from Scrabble a few months back. I understand your plight.

    I would love to hear how you try to find balance. While it isn’t one of my official goals of this year, it is something I have been trying to attain for the last year, with only limited success. Right now my solution to finding balance is getting the Earth to spin slower so there are 2-3 more hours in the day.
    Mrs SSC recently posted…Early retirement failMy Profile


    1. The scrabble addiction is difficult – glad to hear I am not alone. No new games… no new games.. no new games…
      That will help with balance I hope. Appreciate you coming by.


  11. I am a long time lover of Scrabble but I only play it with a niece and nephew of mine as it’s a tradition of ours. Congrats on not overdoing it with the goals list!


    1. I used to play with my grandmother and fond memories – she was ruthless though! Best wishes for 2015.


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