Net Worth Update June 2015


Here is our net worth update as of June 1st, 2015. This was calculated before market open. A great month and I cannot complain. I would post our spending but the transactions are still trickling in and I cannot get the numbers to balance. There is money missing and I am not sure where it went. Hope I can find it.

I am happy about the gain but we are still a long way from the goal. We met with a real estate agent and I think we could increase the value of our house but I am going to keep as is.

net worth June 2015

*Does not include autos, pension, small engines, intimate apparel, education savings, etc. 

You can find my net worth and a gaggle of other bloggers over at the Rock Star Finance Ultimate List.  Go see!

Monkey Portfolio Update

About a  year and a half ago, I asked my smart kids to put together an imaginary portfolio of 10 stocks. They picked them randomly from a financial newspaper – without any input from me.

I just checked their portfolios on google and I think they have a future in high finance.

Please do not consider these recommendations! My kids have not yet officially qualified to give portfolio advice.

Here you go…

portfolio 1 June03_2015



I have not scrutinized what google has reported here, but I assume that it is correct.  

Can you spot the danger?

Sorry, to blog and run but I wanted to get this update out as soon as possible. I will be back next week.  Thanks for visiting.


    1. Lol it was a very good month. Interesting to see what the rest of 2015 is going to be like.


  1. Nice increase in retirement assets in a month where the S&P was flat. Must be doing a heckuva lot of contributing

    Good on your kids for their big outperformance, and the highly contrarian investing tactic of going 70% of the portfolio in Google!

    Thanks for updating.



    1. Thanks R29. Good luck with your roadmap. I will be watching with interest.


  2. Nice increase on the networth there and hope all’s going well with your other goals.

    Well done to your kids on their portfolios!

    I’m thinking of doing my own ‘Monkey Portfolio’ only I will be investing for real…


    1. Thanks Weenie. I think the markets will be choppy for the last half of the year. I guess they are alway choppy. Good luck with your own Monkey Portfolio!


    1. Ha! I am actually taking them to the horse races this weekend (against my better judgement) to treat my father for father’s day. They are convinced that you can’t lose. I am creating problem gamblers.


    1. Thanks Brian. Maybe a career in high finance is in their future and they can financially support their old mom.


  3. About six years ago, before we had kids or got serious about debt payoff, I opened an etrade account with 3 stocks. None of them have changed much in six years!!! My portfolio value is exactly the same… I’d like to have your kids pick my stocks from now on hahahaha!
    Kirsten recently posted…Tipping The Scales of DebtMy Profile


    1. LOL. Good luck with the house and enjoyed your update. Hope the stocks you have are throwing some dividends your way.


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