Net Worth Update May 2015

Net Worth Update May 1 2015 Messy MoneyGreetings! I am so late with this update. Sorry. Life has been interesting and busy.  Trying to save, trying to reduce our spending, trying to figure out the meaning of life. Every month we make a little progress and I am so thankful that we are moving in the right direction.

Here is our spending for April.  This is for a family of 4 and does not include savings. Is this good?  I am not sure about other families but for our family it is great!

spending April 2015 messy money


And for those that are interested, here is our net worth update as of May 1st, 2015. I dutifully completed our update on the first of the month – there will be another update in about a week. As you can see, the markets were not kind to us in April. The increases you see are the result of a large tax return.  Yes, we gave the government a great big interest free loan.  Shame on us.

Going forward, we will be putting less towards the mortgage and putting more into our investments.  You will see this reflected in our numbers next month.

Net Worth Update May 2015 Messy Money

*Does not include autos, pension, collections, snowmobile, hot tub, education savings, etc. 

You can find my net worth and a gaggle of other bloggers over at the Rock Star Finance Ultimate List.  Go see!

So Where Have I Been?

Good question.  Not here obviously but hoping to change that.  Here come some random ramblings and run on sentences…

Move over Kim Kardashian!

Not long ago I was at work and as luck would have it, one of ladies bathrooms has the benefit of a full length mirror behind the sinks.  I was washing my hands, minding my own business, when I caught a glimpse of my posterior reflected back at me in the mirror.  I gasped!  Wait a minute, is that mine? I had no idea what was going on back there as I never check out  the rear view and my husband is smart enough not to point out that things might be expanding. So, I have avoided the internet and Netflix and I have been EXERCISING.  Squats, squats and more squats.  I have been in serious denial.  Or just lazy.  Or maybe it is because I have been…


recipesI am ashamed to admit that I am a pretty lousy cook.  Terrible even.  I also live with 3 really picky eaters that make me feel like a short-order cook. Dinner time makes we want to cry sometimes and it is so much easier to just order a pizza and be done with it.  But no, I am going to get better and I am going to teach the kids everything I know.  Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. LOL.

Reminder:  Our monthly restaurant and fast food spending used to be over $700.  So, when I started cutting back, I still bought tons of pre-packaged, heat up, processed type foods.  As long as it cost less than restaurant food it was ok.  Baby steps.  Now, I want to learn how to actually cook.  So far I have made:

  • 2 carrot cakes from scratch (so good and not helpful for my expanding waistline)
  • Cheese scones.
  • Subway sandwich buns.  Making bread is freaking awesome.
  • Tortillas
  • Baked beans
  • Guacamole

This might not seem like much of an accomplishment to most people but I am as proud as a peacock. Next up – pizza dough.  And now that I am cooking more it is a good thing that I…

Planted A vegetable Garden.

I would post a picture but I am a little embarrassed.  My garden was so overgrown, it took a few days just to clean it up.  It has been hard to get time in the garden because…

The Job Loss Meter 

hit an all-time high.  My company is restructuring and things have been…well…scary. People come into work and they just disappear. Serious stuff. It was no secret that changes were coming and when I was called into a “mandatory” meeting, I was sure my number was up. It has been a surreal experience. There are days when I think, “If only I didn’t have to work today.” and then when faced with the very real possibility of losing my job I was freaked out. I am still gainfully employed but I expect work to be hectic and things change and work loads are redistributed.  It is a good thing that I…

Try to be Frugal 

Everyday, I try to find a better, cheaper way of doing things.  Some of our accomplishments:

  • Raised our house insurance deductible to $1000
  • Husband repaired the hatch on my car saving us about $500
  • I bought a $1 eyeglass repair kit and fixed my sunglasses. They are a relatively cheap pair ($20) but the nicest ones I have ever had and I love them.
  • Made a claim on our barbecue warranty to replace the burner.  I thought we would have to buy a new one.  Saved $180.
  • No air-conditioning. Not yet anyway.

There is more but I will save it for my next update.  We have looked at real estate, I have been manipulating my husband and meditating.  These things may or may not be related.

Oh and one last thing! Before you go.  Those wonderful frugal weirdos, the Frugalwoods were kind enough to allow Frugal  hound interview our Part-time dog, Sally.

If you have never visited the Frugalwoods, you are missing out. You can see the interview here.


  1. “I have been manipulating my husband and meditating.” Would you please write a post about this? Way to go with the cooking! That’s something I’m trying to focus upon too. Your former $700 monthly dining-out bill seems rather astounding at first, but I’ll bet it’s pretty typical for a family of four. That will be your monthly grocery bill before too long. Now about that manipulation and meditating …
    Prudence Debtfree recently posted…3rd Anniversary of Debt Reduction: $123,000 DownMy Profile


  2. Ah, Miss Sally, the part-time pooch! How do I get me one of those, anyhow? 😛

    Great update! Entertaining AND informative. I hope you get to post more often, May. I’ve missed you! 🙂


    1. Oh Thanks Kay – I have been off trying to figure out the meaning of life. Haven’t figured it out but had some a-ha moments so hope I can be back more.


  3. May, it looks like you’re making great progress, not just with the financials but with the cooking. I’m a pretty good cook, but I don’t do any baking at all. I think having a vegetable garden will help expand your cooking repertoire as well…nothing tastes quite like fresh grown veggies.
    Gary @ Super Saving Tips recently posted…Is Your Emergency Fund Big Enough?My Profile


    1. Oh how I wished my DH could cook! He is pretty handy with the cars though so I guess I should keep him. LOL. Thanks for coming by.


  4. “Going forward, we will be putting less towards the mortgage and putting more into our investments.”

    That is exactly the way I think. I think you’re making a super awesome decision to do that. That money that sits in your home (equity) should be making more money with investments.

    Preach on!!


    1. Thanks – my husband is not fully onboard with this idea but is letting me try. Will be interesting to see how this works and how he feels if/when there is a market meltdown. Time will tell….


    1. Thanks EL. I am really interested to see how the change feels. I wish we had started to do it sooner but better late than never. Yes – you are right about the serenity fund. Rather than fixing emergencies I would rather maintain the serenity. Weird maybe?


  5. I’m new here so maybe I’ve missed this, but what is the Serenity Fund? Love the name!


    1. Thanks for visiting. The fund is technically an emergency fund but serenity just sounds so much better.


    1. Thanks Brian. Family has not succumbed to food poisoning yet so that is a great sign!


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