Net Worth Update September 2016

Hello!  Here is our net worth update as of September 3, 2016.  I think I am the only weird blogger posting my net worth at the beginning of the month. I can’t do anything right lol.

If you saw last month’s update, you know that we crossed a nice milestone; but here’s the thing, it didn’t really change anything. Same retirement date, same house, same job and same #firstworldproblems. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy but harps did not start playing, there was no marching band or ticker-tape parade and I still need to weed the front garden. Life goes on.

We have improved our net worth by $361,000 over 21 months. Not too shabby.  The fall can be a volatile time in the markets so I am expecting things to jump around a bit. I have resisted the urge to monitor our investments and have concluded that I almost NEVER regret buying an investment but I have almost ALWAYS regretting selling. Ask me about the 100 shares of Apple Computer I bought in 2002 and sold in 2003.  Yeah, those. I wonder what they would be worth today?

Anyway here are the numbers:

net worth grid September 2016 Messy Money

*Does not include pension, scrap metal collections, education savings etc. 

You can find my net worth and a gaggle of other bloggers over at the Rock Star Finance Ultimate List.  See – I am not the only person crazy enough to do this.

Other Update

  1. I was passed over for a promotion last month. Well, I was just notified that I am being promoted and got a little bump in pay too.
  2. We have started replacing some of the broken things we own, starting with a new mattress and a new sofa. I could post pictures of the old ones and their shocking state of disrepair, but I am too embarrassed.
  3. My car is still running. It needed a repair for a broken hose but mechanic thinks I should get another year or two out of it. I am delighted to hear that. Husband has started covering up the rust and peeling paint with some black goop – it looks pretty funny. I wonder why people think I am poor?
  4. I have been absent online. Not good for the blogging business but good for my stress levels and I have had a fabulous summer. I have renewed my hosting for another year and I will continue to post here – sporadically.

Anyway, thank you for following along. I can’t leave without a shameless Zazzle plug. This one is for a good cause – Shelter pets.  A group of wonderful photographers dress up dogs from their shelter in Arkansas and sell the images on products to raise money.  Their work is adorable.


Until next time, happy trails and thanks for reading.


  1. Wow, you’re doing an amazing job with building up your networth. I find it challenging keeping up with mine, but your progress is inspiring!


    1. Thanks it is all one day and dollar at a time. Appreciate you visiting.


    1. Thank Kay! Nice to hear from you. I hope things are going well. You are right about the loan. Something I should blog about me thinks! Wishing you and a your family a happy holiday season and new year.


    1. Thanks Jack. Just checked out your Interesting Reads for the Financially Inclined #3 – good stuff.


  2. Hello Messy money congrats on crossing over to a million dollars. The harps did play you just didn’t hear them as you have a new job and probably very busy. Anyhow thanks for sharing the dog pics, will share with my coworkers. So many fabulous charities out there. Good luck in October.
    EL @ MoneyWatch101 recently posted…Personal Finance Myths We Need to IgnoreMy Profile


    1. Thank EL. Yes those dog pictures are fantastic and for a great cause.


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