spending death spiral messy money

You can’t take it with you.  It’s only money.  Life is short.  He who dies with the most toys wins.  All common expressions that remind us that we don’t know […]

I'll Show You Mine!  My Electric Bill that is.....

A new feature here at Messy Money: I’ll show you mine.  This month let’s look at my electric bill.  The good news is that our hydro electricity use is down […]

credit check surprise messy money

There was some hoopla in the press last week about a Canadian man from Nova Scotia who won a case against a major telecommunication company because the company checked his credit without […]

frugal laundry messy money

Based on some rough calculations I did 2 years ago, I estimated that our family was spending around $1000 a year on laundry.  I experimented with different options to help […]

hot tub cost of ownership messy money

One of my BIGGEST money mistakes was making a large ticket purchase and only focusing on the sticker price.  I conveniently ignored the cost of ownership and that’s just dumb! […]