I'll Show You Mine!  My Electric Bill that is.....

A new feature here at Messy Money: I’ll show you mine.  This month let’s look at my electric bill.  The good news is that our hydro electricity use is down […]

credit check surprise messy money

There was some hoopla in the press last week about a Canadian man from Nova Scotia who won a case against a major telecommunication company because the company checked his credit without […]

frugal laundry messy money

Based on some rough calculations I did 2 years ago, I estimated that our family was spending around $1000 a year on laundry.  I experimented with different options to help […]

hot tub cost of ownership messy money

One of my BIGGEST money mistakes was making a large ticket purchase and only focusing on the sticker price.  I conveniently ignored the cost of ownership and that’s just dumb! […]

bad spending excuse messy money

Bad spending excuse #1 —“I work hard.  I deserve this.” When I hear myself saying these words (or thinking them), I have learned that it is a warning sign.  I […]