bad spending excuse messy money

Bad spending excuse #1 —“I work hard.  I deserve this.” When I hear myself saying these words (or thinking them), I have learned that it is a warning sign.  I […]

messy money handbag

I am going to apologize up front for this one because I am bound to offend someone.  Please understand that I really don’t mean to, I just don’t get it. […]

stockpiling frugal lies

Oh the frugal lies we tell!  Frugal lies are the twisted justifications we tell ourselves, or others, to justify our spending.  I have been known to tell (and actually believe) […]

Financial Wake Up Call Messy Money

Dear Reader, Two years ago, the financial situation in my life was not pretty. Life was good. Life was comfortable. And, I suspect, my life and resulting financial situation, was very […]