Pursuit of Frugal Report December 5, 2013

We have had a less than stellar month financially.  The balance for the destination wedding trip was due and a surprise $240 “fundraising” effort for the kid’s hockey team popped up.

To top it off, I will be going over the budget I set for Christmas. Oh well.  Deck the halls!  The Scrooge strikes again.

I was feeling a bit blue about it so I sat down and made a list of positive financial events this month.  I did manage to squeeze in a few frugal deeds that will help, so here is my Pursuit of Thrift Frugal Report.

  1. Redeemed Credit Card Cash Back to pay for auto repair.  Hubby’s vehicle needed some work on the brakes.  He got hosed by the garage (in my opinion) and walked out with a $500 invoice.  We are cashing in the equivalent in cash back from our credit card to cover the cost.
  1. Returned kids new winter boots for better boots at a better price.  I was a bit hasty in purchasing boots for the kids.  Savings: $45.20
  1. Dishwasher detergent mail in offer rebate – sorry the offer is now over but I received a check for $8.87 in the mail.  I will share next time, I promise.
  1. Fixed Winter Coat.  My kids are so hard on their clothing.  Youngest came home with a ripped out seam on jacket and broken zipper pull.  A bit of thread to sew it up and a key chain ring for a zipper pull and high hopes that it will last through the winter.  Savings: priceless!
  1. Ordered new power cord for laptop.  The power cord for my laptop was being held together with electrical tape and a binder clip.  I went to the store to buy a replacement and it was going to be over $75.  I found one online and with shipping it came to $23.98. Savings of $51.02 and my laptop is happy too!
  1. Christmas tree. Decided to put up our crappy artificial Christmas tree instead of getting a real one this year.  A bit of bummer because I like a real Christmas tree but it will be a savings of $75.
  1. Programmed the thermostat!  Common sense right?  Well I finally got around to doing it and can’t wait to show off the results in a “I’ll Show You Mine” instalment.
  1. Black Friday.  I only bought one thing on black Friday and it was Xbox live memberships as Christmas gifts.  The kids have begged for them and I am hoping it will be the prelude to cutting our cable off.  I have waited and waited for this sale.  Savings $40.

Total, assuming I have added it up correctly: $720.09 + kids winter coat + whatever savings the thermostat generates.

Not bad, and helps offset some of the messes we have run into this month.


Off Topic

Ever wondered what life is like for the person tasked with repossessing your car when you are behind on your payments. I found the this blog : I Am Repo and I found the stories amusing and tragic all at the same time.  (Mature content warning due to language and absurd situations.)



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