my stuff is broken or worn out messy money

It feels like EVERYTHING I own is broken or worn out. On a daily basis, something we own falls apart, quits, leaks, sparks, collapses, cracks, dies or all of the […]

Meal Prepping To Reduce Your Weekly Food Budget Messy Money

Our second largest budget category is food! Let me share our totals from last year for your viewing pleasure (or horror)? On a weekly basis, it works out to $151 […]

pursuit of frugal Messy money March 2015

Welcome to the pursuit of frugal for March 2015. A few weeks ago I finally sat down and figured out when we can retire. I shared the date and the amount […]

Pursuit of Frugal October 2014

I was calling these posts The Pursuit of Thrift but I never liked that title so I am pleased to introduce the Pursuit of Frugal. I have travelled a lot for […]

I have too many TVs

Six tvs. In the garage (mancave?) purchased at a thrift store for $35 Master bedroom – wedding gift. Kid’s bedroom – a TV my husband bought with his paper route […]