net worth messy money september 2015

Greetings – here is our net worth update as of the close of business today, September 1st, 2015.  I tried desperately to put this together before the market opened today, […]

Retirement story part 2 messy money

This is part two of my parent’s retirement story.  Click here if you would like to catch up on part one.  Their story has inspired me to aim for early […]

My Million Dollar Experiment Messy Money

A few years ago I was surfing the net, and I became lost.  You know how it goes.  One click leads to another click and before you know it you are surfing in an alternate Internet universe. […]

messy money horoscope

Money Stress – If only I had more money. I read my horoscope daily.  I really enjoy the horoscopes written and recorded by Jonathan Cainer.  I ask for a membership […]

help with difficult money conversations messy money

Money is a frequent cause of conflict in relationships.  This conflict can be exacerbated by poor communication. Conversations about money can be emotionally loaded and couples can develop destructive communication […]