Meal Prepping To Reduce Your Weekly Food Budget Messy Money

Our second largest budget category is food! Let me share our totals from last year for your viewing pleasure (or horror)? On a weekly basis, it works out to $151 […]

dollar store gifts messy money

After my grouchy anti-Consumer, Christmas Rant in Someone Stole our Christmas Tree, I am now going to completely back track, contradict myself and sound like a hypocrite. Oops.  Sorry. Let’s talk […]

I have too many TVs

Six tvs. In the garage (mancave?) purchased at a thrift store for $35 Master bedroom – wedding gift. Kid’s bedroom – a TV my husband bought with his paper route […]

The Hindsight Budget - Transportation

The hindsight budget continues.  Today I’ll show you our 2012 and 2013 spending on transportation. I was hoping to post this last night, but after spending some time with the […]

Hindsight Budgeting

I use Quicken to keep track of our finances.  Every few weeks I log into our bank accounts online and download all the transactions.   It is always a shock to […]