Net Worth Update March 2016 Messy Money

Greetings!  Here is our net worth update as of the start of business March 1, 2016. It’s late and I am not sure what happened to my resolution of posting […]

when work is hellish messy money

Work is hellish right now. Just when I thought work could not get any worse… well… This week I only encountered one crying co-worker. I did not cry once this […]

glass ceiling messy money

I have read some of the research summaries that show that women earn less than men. I don’t know if this applies to me though. I can’t see my co workers paychecks to compare and know with […]

Do you work with crazy people Messy Money

I do! Sometimes we are faced with personality conflicts, dramas, politics and uncomfortable situations at work.  It can be hard to know how to navigate these sticky situations, and they […]

everyday is a job interview

My department at work is undergoing “reorganization”.  It doesn’t look like anyone is going to lose a job, but duties are being realigned and some promotions are up for grabs.  […]