Too Many TVs

Six tvs.

I have too many TVs
The sunset channel. Why go outside and enjoy the real thing when you can watch it on TV?
  • In the garage (mancave?) purchased at a thrift store for $35
  • Master bedroom – wedding gift.
  • Kid’s bedroom – a TV my husband bought with his paper route money many, many years ago.
  • Kid’s bedroom – a TV my parents did not want anymore.
  • Hot tub – seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • Flat screen in the family room.

Do we have too many TVs?

Why am I thinking about my six TVs? Well,  I have reviewed my hindsight budget. You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

Today I was looking at miscellaneous shopping and bills.

Here is a snapshot of miscellaneous shopping in 2012 and 2013.  I was stumped by the electronics spend in 2012 – but remembered we bought a flat screen TV.  I had tried to salvage our giant 15-year-old projection TV but it finally bit the dust.

messy money shopping budget


The second reason I have been thinking about this:

messy money utilities and bills hindsight budget


Take a peek at the  cable line.  (please note: Late in 2012 we moved to a new cell provider to save money please also note the bill did not go down?!?)

Our kids rarely watch television.  They are more interested in YouTube.   Maybe it’s time for the cable/PVR to go?  What will I do with myself?  Maybe I will write a blog.

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  1. We have 3 TV’s – the one most used is in our bedroom. The family room occasionally and basement rarely.

    We just cancelled cable but it still works until Aug 14. We bought a digital antenna for the roof. I will blog about this. We will save $85/month minus the investment of about $200.
    debt debs recently posted…Money Lessons in Marine LifeMy Profile


    1. I will have to check that out! I want to ditch the cable but husband not (yet) on side.


  2. we have 6 TVs as well…but many of them are simply unused. One in our kids’ toy room (which they have outgrown and don’t use), one in our guest bedroom (collecting dust), and one in our son’s room (doesn’t use). The other three (master bedroom, living room, and great room) get used daily. There’s no reason to sell them as we couldn’t get anything for them anyway…..they’re the old picture tube variety and you can’t give them away at this point!
    Brock @CleverDude recently posted…Our House Is the Cool Place To Hang OutMy Profile


    1. Glad to see I am not alone. We didn’t spend much to acquire the TVs – but the cable bill it brutal.


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