When Work is Hellish

Work is hellish right now. Just when I thought work could not get any worse… well…

if-i-died-and-went-straight-to-hell-it-would-take-me-a-week-to-realise-that-i-wasnt-at-work-messy money

This week I only encountered one crying co-worker. I did not cry once this week, if that is any consolation. I am now a pro at dealing with tears. It used to freak me out. Now I just take a deep breath, stay calm and ask if they need a minute. After a pause, I ask if there is anything I can do to help. Usually there isn’t, I can just listen.

Why is everyone crying so much?

For starters, we are all exhausted. Fatigue has lowered everyone’s frustration threshold and even small irritations can seem like insurmountable challenges. This fatigue can also lead to unhealthy choices. Lack of exercise, too much caffeine and sugar and Netflix binges which lead to poor sleep.  Poor sleep causes fatigue, which leads to unhealthy choices… and so on.

Our workload keeps growing at an unsustainable pace.

Too many managers, not enough worker bees. I can’t tell you the number of people I work with and their sole job is finding out the status of things. What is the status?  Where is this? Where is that? When will that be done? Did you finish this? Is that ready yet?  &^%$#* off already!!!

Change. Everything is changing and this is not news but a good reminder that change is hard and stressful.

Life in Captivity

What’s the good news in all of this?  Well, the fact is, even if I don’t believe it all the time – I have choices. Plenty of them.

I am working on a project now that might be the highlight of my career (or the end of it – not sure yet.) I have made the choice to stay until that project launches early next year.

After that I am “voting with my feet.” Unless something changes, I am leaving. I have already started the process and will spend the next few months reaching out to my network, reconnecting and looking for something else. If that does not pan out, I may ask for a “leave of absence” to take some time off. If that fails,  I may even quit. Who knows? What I do know is that for now I choose to be at work. I choose to finish this project. I choose to tell people what is reasonable and what is not. I choose to manage my workload.

My employer may not like my choices but they are mine. I am so thankful that we have stashed away some money. I recommend it. It is not hard or complicated. Start with $5 dollars a week if you have to. You just have to start.

It beats living in captivity.


  1. Sounds like my work as well, we are constantly being asked how many of this is being done, when will this goal be met. It becomes more and more stressful by the day and I too am looking for a way out. I don’t have the ability to completely walk away with no stress having little in savings but I have enough other income coming in now that I could make due for a little while which is a great feeling and not one many of my coworkers have. To them we don’t make enough to save any amount of money, when I tell them how much I have managed to save up they are always amazed and have a number of questions.
    Thanks for the article.


    1. Nice to know I am not alone. It has been freeing for me in a way to discover I have choices – still hard when I look at the size of our mortgage (and spending in general) and realize that I need the income from job. Working on it though and hope that we are moving in the general direction of freedom.


    1. Thanks Tre. Yes – true statement. Focusing on the quarter at the expense of the year or next year.


    1. Thanks Brian. I know I have said this before but my job cycles between elation and despair. The highs are high and lows are low. Very little neutral. There have been some changes – so hoping things will improve.


  2. Sounds like very inexperienced management is causing some big problems at your company. You need management to lead, where they seem to be trying manage by pointing the way. The difference sounds subtle, and many don’t even see the difference, but a good management team understands and will see dramatically different results depending on how they lead.
    Money Beagle recently posted…Often The Start Is Harder Than The FinishMy Profile


  3. Man, that sounds rough! That was like my last position, and I ahd a project I wanted to get kicked off, so I got it framed, budget approved, and started the initial work with the contractors before I left. But, yes, then I voted with my feet and found a new path. Good luck on finding yours!
    Mr. SSC recently posted…Layoffs: The conclusion!My Profile


    1. Thanks Mr. SSC. I would feel really bad if I left right now, I want to see it through. Just need to dig deep and muddle on through. Thanks for stopping by.


  4. It sounds like you are in a very difficult situation, but I admire you so much for having a clear plan! Way to take control of your life! I hope the project goes really really well and that things will get better, no matter how.
    Sofia @ Currentlylovingsimplicity recently posted…On Not Wearing MakeupMy Profile


    1. Thanks Sofia, appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Your blog looks great.


  5. A billion {HUGS} May. I had a job like that once. I came home and kicked a cooler, and that was it for me. I quit the next day. I love that you are in a position to make a happier choice for yourself and your family. Set your own pace and if they can you, just smile and thank them. Kind of like this ~~~> 🙂


    1. Thanks Kay. It has been a couple of really tough months. Just gotta hang in for a few more.


      1. Spooky story still in the works? (no pressure if you’re too busy May) 🙂


          1. Whoa! That’s intriguing! 🙂


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