Net Worth Update July 2015

Net Worth Update July 2015 Messy MoneyWell here it is. It has been an interesting month with Greece and all but our net worth tally came in better than expected. Our portfolios are messy and we need to sort them out.  I might spend some time this weekend doing that. We have too many accounts, we are over concentrated, have too much idle cash and I still have no idea how much income our investments are generating. Bad.

I have not added additional saving for the last two months. We have done some house maintenance and I am waiting for the dust to settle before committing more to our serenity fund.

Speaking of the house – we have had two real estate agents come by to have a look and the market value has gone up but I am not going to adjust it just yet.

net worth July 2015 messy money

*Does not include cars, pension, small appliances, education savings, etc. 

You can find my net worth and a gaggle of other bloggers over at the Rock Star Finance Ultimate List.  

Where have I been?

Not blogging much obviously. Work has been a strain but I won’t get into that now. Let’s talk about some fun stuff.


I have tried the following recipes:

Pesto Rolls – Pesto flavored bread rolls.  The family loved – me not so much.

Charleston Red Rice – Yum. I will definitely make this again.

Banana Caramel Pudding – Heaven!  Tons of sugar but worth it.

I also made homemade pizza dough for the first time.  It tasted great and the family gave it two thumbs up but it was a lot of work and I am not sure I will do it again. Nothing low-fat or low carb here. Sigh.

I have a convection oven and when I was baking I leaned into the oven a little too quickly and burned my décolletage. Ouch! People would ask if I had a sunburn and I had fun for a few days telling them, “No, rug burn.” Ba-ha-ha just kidding.


This year is my second attempt at a vegetable garden. I tried two years ago and it was a failure. I thought it would be a good activity to do with the kids and they could not have cared less. We grew a giant mess of plants from seeds using window greenhouses.  I over-planted the garden and it turned into an unmanageable jungle.

This year I decided to take a less ambitious approach and keep it small. I am madly, passionately in love with my garden. I had no idea that a little patch of plants would bring so much joy.

peas messy money

garden messy money plant


The only problem is this guy…

garden bunny messy money



One closet and one kitchen cupboard done! I would post pictures but I am ashamed. I spent 30 minutes anguishing over a rotating glass microwave tray. I have a perfectly good one in the microwave but you just never know when you might need a new one. Ugh. My house is generally tidy but I hoard in any enclosed space I can find. I will pack it full. Maybe I should post pictures to make people feel better about their own hoards?

Sitting on my Butt

More shame. I binge watched the entire season of Orange is the New Black last weekend. I also binge read this:

If you are a Walking Dead fan and you would like to know more about the Governor’s back story and what life was like shortly after the outbreak I recommend. (affiliate link)

Lastly – I watched (among other things) the movie Tracks on Netflix. I understand that this movie will not appeal to everyone but I loved it. It is based on the true story of Robyn Davidson and her 1,700 mile trek across the Australian outback. If you have ever wanted to get away from it all – you will relate to her story. I immediately wanted to adopt some camels and set off on my own journey. Here is the trailer.

I will be back later in the month with an interview with my husband.  He has promised to do it. Now if I could just get him to sit still for a few minutes….

Thanks for visiting.


  1. The gardening trick with the bunny is to plant enough for him and you! a live trap might be the best suggestion, though. don’t give up on the garden no matter what happens. It can really pay off once you get it established. Our little garden (little for us!) is doing a good job at feeding not only us but half the neighborhood. Haven’t heard any complaints yet!


    1. It turns out the bunny is actually bunnies and now it looks like babies too! It will be the battle of the bunnies. I had no idea that I would enjoy growing a garden so much (even though it is pretty weedy right now.) I am harvesting a little something everyday! Soon I will be up to my eyeballs in both bunnies and zucchini.


  2. Sorry to see the drop this month but overall I guess 5k is not too bad. You still have a super strong net worth. I admire that.

    Ha, im totally hooked on walking dead too. Im just waiting on the last season to be released on netflix so I can watch it already.

    Curious about the walking dead spinoff they are making too. Have you heard of that?


    1. I can’t wait to watch the new spin off series. I think the time just as the outbreak occurs would be so interesting and we didn’t get to see that – so yes totally looking forward to it. Enjoy season 5 – I think season 6 will be even better.


    1. Thanks EL. Good luck to you too. I hope 2015 has a strong finish.


  3. Oh May, you always make me giggle. Loved that rug burn joke! 😛

    I like your show suggestions. I think it’s time I tried some new stuff. I binged on the “The Last Man on Earth” series last month.
    It’s so hard not to do that. Other than that, great post, as usual! SO glad you’re back! 🙂


    1. Thanks Kay. The really really enjoyed the movie. Some might find it dull – I mean it is about a girl spending months walking across the outback so not exactly an action packed story line but it was beautiful and interesting.
      Orange is the New Black – enjoy the back story on the characters and how they found themselves in prison. It pushes the envelope a bit. Some might find that appealing, and some might find it vulgar. I enjoy it.


  4. I’m not really a Walking Dead fan, but I always read some updated on my FB newsfeed that’s why I’m interested to watch that one. Glad that you started gardening, I have some small garden too.


    1. Initially, when I saw the ads and hoopla over The Walking dead – I was like Yuck who would want to watch that but then I caught a marathon of it on TV last summer and I was hooked. I could do without some of the gore but the “end of the world” story is interesting.


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