I Have Been Nominated for the Liebster Award!

I started this blog in October 2013 on a whim.

I had NO idea what I was getting into and blogging has been a happy surprise (and at times a strain on my marriage/sleep patterns/social life…….)  I cannot believe how much I have learned in the past 11 months about the art and science of blogging and I feel like I have so much more to learn.  I didn’t even know that the blogging community existed and that it is a community in every sense of the word. It even has its own language.  Anyone here speak Twitter?

I was delighted and surprised to receive a nomination for a Liebster award.  Financial Messy Money Won a Liebster Awardbloggers Al and Deb at Saving the Crumbs have nominated me.  If you have not visited their site, I recommend you do and check out their grocery budget. Best one I have seen on the internet.  Ever.

The Liebster award is passed around the blogging community and it is a way to get to know new bloggers and help others discover new blogs.  There are rules and I am probably going to break a few of them because there is no formal committee or rule book recorded anywhere.

When nominated the blogger is asked to answer a few questions and then in turn nominate fellow bloggers for the award.  These new nominees take part by answering some questions and then nominating other bloggers for the award.  Pay it forward blogging style.

Liebster Award Rules

  1. Answer a few questions that your nominator asked when they nominated you.
  2. Spread the prestige and nominate three (um, I nominated four) other newer/smaller blogs. The exact definition of newer and smaller varies, but typically blogs with fewer than 200 followers.  Ask a to answer some questions for you and nominate others.

The Questions

  • Why did you start blogging? Has it turned out to be what you expected

It was on a whim really.  I think about money all the time and starting a blog is a cheap form of therapy.  Once you are forced to put your thoughts into words it helps to clarify things, holds you accountable and offers the odd opportunity to rant sometimes too.

It is not what I expected.  It takes up much more of my time than I imagined.  I thought writing a blog post would be a 30 minute exercise.  Pfftttt.  I thought I could spell and string together grammatically correct sentences. Wrong. I am painfully shy and I thought that the anonymity offered by the internet would help me overcome that.  Guess what, you can be shy, even on the internet. I am having so much fun though.  I am a work in progress and still finding my voice.

  • What has been your favorite blog post you have written so far?

If I must choose I would say Help with Difficult Money Conversations. (Oh, and this advice it totally works)

  • How did you decide on the name of your blog?

It is a long, nonsensical story.  I would like to change it because I think people find the idea of messy money off-putting.  BUT I am really interested in the psychology of money and how we muddle through it, so in a way it fits.

  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Right where I am.  I would like to visit Fiji though and sleep over the water in one of those huts.

  • What is your favorite type of cheese? (Yes, I can’t help continuing this one.)

That’s like asking me to choose between my kids.  Not possible.

My Nominees

This is where I break the rules.

  1. Kapitalust –  I enjoy reading Steve wax poetic about money and life.  Visit for eloquent observations about life combined with savvy money tips.
  2. Financial Diffraction – Alicia is a suspected cat lady, confirmed scientist and a debt destroyer. (WordPress spell check suggested I change that to Catwoman.)
  3. Debt Discipline –  I am probably breaking some rules here because Brian at Debt Discipline just celebrated his 1 year blog anniversary and has a lot more than 200 followers but he spends a lot of time interviewing and promoting other bloggers so I say let’s interview him.
  4. Liberty Loves Company–   I don’t know how I found Liberty, serendipity perhaps?  There is something about Liberty’s voice that rings true and I am incapable of describing it – so you will have to visit and experience it yourself.

I hope my nominees will take part and answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging? Has it turned out to be what you expected?
  2. What has been your favorite blog post you have written so far?
  3. How did you decide on the name of your blog?
  4. Sum up your life in 6 words or less.
  5. Earliest money memory? If you would like to share.



  1. Aw, you’re making me blush! Thanks for the kind words MM! Here are my answers:

    1) Why did you start blogging? Has it turned out to be what you expected?

    A: I was frustrated with how little most people knew about money/investing and I wanted to be a great teacher of all things finance. Had grand visions, didn’t come quickly, got a little disenchanted, and have refocused and started on the slow pace towards educating people about sound wealth principles.

    2) What has been your favorite blog post you have written so far?

    A: The post that led to the development of my manifesto. It really helped me focus on what I was truly doing with Kapitalust.

    3) How did you decide on the name of your blog?

    A: Hehe long story short, go check out my post Kapitalustism.

    4) Sum up your life in 6 words or less.

    A: Freedom, adventure, love, exploration, education, stewardship

    5) Earliest money memory? If you would like to share.

    A: I was riding the bus with my mom as a ~3 or 4 year old in Seoul and I distinctly remember the coins we put in the bus because they had a hole in the center.
    Steve recently posted…Are Markets Efficient?My Profile


    1. Thanks for accepting. Interesting about your first money memory. I understand your frustration about people and $ – people pay more attention to their shoes sometimes vs. what their money is up to.


  2. Neat story, May! It was interesting for us that a lot of people sort of came out of the woodwork with interest in personal finance after they started reading our blog. Some of the people were ones that we never knew would even think of such things. (Deb and I have dreamed about going to stay in one of those South Pacific over-water huts too! Ha, great minds must think alike!)
    Al | Saving the Crumbs recently posted…We’re Nominated for the Liebster Award!My Profile


    1. It feels like there has been a great awakening – where money is concerned. Probably sounds corny – but I honestly believe we have figured something out and the rest of the world just isn’t there yet.


    1. Glad you have accepted. Looking forward to reading.


  3. Congrats May! I’ve seen comments from Deb and Al on other blogs and thought I must check out their blog, but so little time. Now on personal recommendation from you I must!

    I’m into the Fiji huts too. Soothing water, beautiful aqua colour, marine life and sunshine. I’d be in my glory!

    I love the name of your blog. My sister thought my blog name was too negative and felt I should change it but I felt debt is real, like life, and we need to deal with it. I don’t think it’s held me back. Life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops but making lemonade with lemons.

    Great noms! I follow all except Liberty Love Company so will need to check them out. :0-)
    debt debs recently posted…What is Your Vision of Retirement?My Profile


    1. Thanks so much. Not sure I would still be posting without your encouragement. Glad I kept at it.


    1. Awesome. Can’t wait to read it. I read somewhere that spell check can become self-aware and can try to take over your blog.


    1. Thanks so much. Oh I forgot about the sharing part. It is true – people in my real life are like “oh no, here she comes! Whatever you do don’t bring up anything to do with money….”


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